Studio 64 offers state-of-the-art 5.1 surround and stereo mixing capability for independent film, documentaries and television. Featuring Avids' newest S6 mixing console, both rooms have the latest in Protools technology and precise DynAudio Air 5.1 monitoring. The rooms are acoustically designed, accurate and comfortable, with a proven track record.

A great mix helps bring the pictures to life, adding intensity, energy and dimension. Our goal is to immerse the viewer in the sounds of the story.


The most important aspect of the film... the dialog edit. Poor sounding, uneven dialog can ruin the show. Technology has come a long way here. What would have been unusable just a few short years ago can now be saved and brought to use, reducing the need for adr…. everyone is happy about that !

We specialize in docs, where you just have to "make things work". It's a challenge we enjoy!


When done well, you simply believe where you are, your ears confirming what the eyes are seeing… allowing you to stay immersed in the story. Sound design can also be bigger than life, creating other worldly atmospheres and realities, but it takes experience and a creative mind to understand where it wants to go and how to get there.

We have an extensive collection of sound fx libraries as well a collection of our own unique recordings. We have a versitile remote rig that we often take into the field when the library is " just not quite right". We'll also fire up the foley mics to add character and depth to library stock when trying to bring unique character.

We also have access to a number of talented composers that specialize in creating just the right background score. Painting the desired emotional picture with music is a wonderful art…. what a difference the right score can make!


We are experienced in the art of foley. We have the surfaces, the mics, the ear, and the shoes ! We also have a mobile rig when we need to get out there and get it !


We have a very comfortable and acoustically designed voice record booth and the right equipment to bring a full, rich sounding voice to your production.


Having devloped some good relationships over the years I began to get calls for input early on in the process. Sometimes during the edit, it was unclear whether the audio in a desired scene would be usable, they would send me the scene and I'd work on it and we could determine it's future. This was a big help …. so it bacame an added extra… no charge.

I also offer to help during the"pitch" part of the process. Doing an audio mix for the "teaser" at the investor stage?? .. no problem … again part of the extras club...

We like to be thought of as a source you can trust for audio anywhere in the production process. We have also become popular for our "wrap playback parties"… where those involved with the film come by and have a couple of drinks and a playback…. ususally turns into a fun afternoon !

It's been a long road from concept to completion, we want to make the audio portion of the process is something you look forward to.

Call Mike Duncan at (416) 469.8034 for more information.