At Studio 64, there are no conference rooms, front desks, managers, supervisors or elaborate kitchens...just experienced engineers in great sounding rooms working to bring your sound to life.

Mike Duncan Bio

Mike has spent over 30 years in recording studios. In 1982 he landed a job with Toronto's Manta Sound, one of Canada's premier recording facilities. He spent the next few years learning from the best in the industry, eventually becoming one of it's most sought after engineers. Manta was a fantastic learning ground, working with the top musicians, producers and directors in the business. Whether recording orchestras, working on records, doing commercials for radio or tv, recording foley or ADR, Mike was able to do it all, and at the highest level.

Manta Sound closed it's doors as the 90's brought the arrival of protools and the digital age, Mike moved down the street to what is now Techincolor after 20 memorable years. In 2004 he went freelance and continued to work with composers in the city. One day,he was offered the chance to mix a doc series for National Geographic, he's been doing high end docs ever since! He set about building his own mix facility and now has 2 beautiful 5.1 mix rooms to better serve his clients. As the business changed he was able to adjust. Staying lean and combining the finest equipment with his many years of experience, he offers a high degree of service at very reasonable cost. His clients keep coming back.

Shane Duncan Bio

Shane is very comfortable in a studio, he's been hanging around them since he was 7 or 8 years old. As a young lad helping his dad set up the orchestra or doing a headphone check, to the present, setting premixes, creating sound design, or out in the field recording… working with sound appears to be in Shane's blood. Post high school, he attended the Recording Arts of Canada program in 2012 and affirmed that the studio is where he wants to be! Following graduation he immideately joined in with his father and began learning the craft in real world conditions. He has progressed quickly and steadlly and is now a vital part of the team.

His future looks very promising, he has the opportunity to soak up the skills of a veteran, while bringing a youthfull enthusiasm and a desire to find new approaches. In his spare time, he works with young, up and coming artists, recording tracks and mixing.

Promising indeed.